Part One: Small Things



Chapter 1:    Breathing in Einstein

                             How we discovered everything is made of atoms and that

atoms are mostly empty space


Chapter 2:    Why God plays dice with the universe

How we discovered that things in the world of atoms happen for no reason at all


Chapter 3:    The schizophrenic atom

How an atom can be in many places at once and do many

things at once


Chapter 4:    Uncertainty and the limits of knowledge

                             Why we can never know all we would like to know about

atoms and why this fact makes atoms possible


Chapter 5:    The telepathic universe

How atoms can influence each other instantly even

when on opposite sides of the Universe


Chapter 6:    Identicalness and the roots of diversity

How the bewildering variety of the everyday world stems

from the fact that you cannot tattoo an electron



Part Two: Big Things



Chapter 7:    The death of space and time

How we discovered that light is the rock on which the

universe is founded and time and space are shifting sand


Chapter 8:    E=mc2 and the weight of sunshine

                                    How we discovered that ordinary matter contains a million

times the destructive power of dynamite


Chapter 9:    The force of gravity does not exist

How we discovered the truth about gravity and came face

to face with black holes, wormholes and time machines


Chapter 10:  The ultimate rabbit out of a hat

How we learnt that the Universe has not existed forever

but was born in a titanic explosion 13.7 billion years ago