REVIEWS OF Afterglow of Creation


In the UK…



"The wonderful intro alone is worth the cover price. Witty and accessible science"

Scott Pack, former chief buyer, Waterstone’s


"A 'science for dummies' take on creation."

The Times (16 January 2010)


"A very good piece of storytelling... Chown writes as if he were addressing his fellow human beings."

New Scientist


"Practically perfect."

The Good Book Guide


"A book I'd recommend to my mother! An an excellent overview of the whole story, written in an exciting way, while being pretty fair on all the main players, and presented at an accessible level."


Prof Douglas Scott, University of British Columbia


"Chown superbly captures the spirit of scientific endeavour... The story is told with panache and the science is so well explained it makes and effortless read. Afterglow of Creation is upbeat, witty and informed."

The Sunday Times


"An excellent introduction to the most recent developments in cosmology... he carefully explains intricacies in which other writers would have been bogged down."

The Observer


"The thrilling story of the search and study of the heat created when the Universe was born... This is what Big Science is really like."

The Daily Telegraph


"Chown's book could reach people who have never know nor cared about the origins of the cosmos."

Association of British Science Writers


"The secret of the universe in 170 pages!"



"My favourite book."

Yehudi Menuhin, Vilonist


In Australia…


"Beautiful science, beautifully told."

The Australian


In the US…

"It's a long time since this reviewer has read a popular science book that so accurately communicates the science involved while maintaining the reader's interest through the beauty of the written word...Afterglow excels at portraying science as a human endeavour where personalities, ideas, egos, politics and money all mix in the endeavour we know asastronomy... This book should be in every middle school, high school and public library and on the shelves of anyone interested in either astronomy or the nature of science. It is a wonderful story, brilliantly told."

The Science Teacher


"Chown writes in a deceptively breezy style that conceals his impressive understanding of astrophysics and cosmology... This is science as it really happened, not the dry-bones account of how it was supposed to happen found in textbooks. All in all, Afterglow of Creation is a wonderful read for college and high school students, and also for well-educated adults, who may find it sparks an interest they did not realise they possessed.

Science Books and Films


"A lucid account of the key developments in modern cosmology, especially good in capturing the human dimension of scientific work."



"Very readable, even somewhat breezy... could serve as a novice introduction to a complex subject."

Library Journal


"Afterglow of Creation is an entertaining read. I can recommend it to lay people, but those who will gain most from it are scientists in other fields curious about the recent huge strides in cosmology."

Meteoritics and Planetary Science


"Books like Afterglow of Creation keep the story of the universe and the hard work of human discovery alive."



"An extremely entertaining narrative of the birth of cosmology."

American Scientist