Introduction: The World Through Microwave Eyes




Part One: The Toughest Measurement In Science




Chapter 1:    The Big Bang

How Did We Come To Believe In Such A Ridiculous Idea?


Chapter 2:    The Restless Universe

How Einstein Missed The Message In His Own Equations


Chapter 3:    The Primeval Fireball

Cooking Up The Elements In A Hot Big Bang


Chapter 4:    Taking The Temperature Of The Universe

The Search For The Fireball Radiation


Chapter 5:    The Ghost Signal At 4080 Megacycles

Problems With An Icecream Cone Antenna


Chapter 6:    A Tale Of Two Telephone Calls

How The Fireball Radiation Came To Be Found


Chapter 7:    Afterglow Of Creation

Why Did Nobody Find The Fireball Radiation Earlier?


Chapter 8:    The Toughest Measurement In Science

Twenty-Five Years Of Ill-Fated Experiments


Chapter 9:    Bumps But No Wiggles

The Cosmic Background Throws Up Some Puzzles




Part Two: The Golden Age Of Cosmology




Chapter 10:  An Eye Above The Atmosphere

Nasa Decides To Nail The Problem Once And For All


Chapter 11:  The Nine-Minute Spectrum

COBE Gets A Standing Ovation


Chapter 12:  Cosmic Ripples

COBE Finds The Seeds Of Galaxies


Chapter 13:  The Hype And The Hysteria

How The COBE Results Became Front-Page News


Chapter 14:  The Universe According To COBE

Galaxy Formation, Inflation And Dark Matter


Chapter 15:  The Golden Age Of Cosmology

Life After COBE




Epilogue:      Wrinkles In Time