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(Interview, - I speak up for reform of the libel laws, carry out coco crispie calculations and am outmanoeuvred by the postman)


Quantum theory via 40-tonne trucks: Musings of a popular science writer

(The Independent on Sunday, 17 January 2010)


And the award for Most Baffled by the Concept of a Cat Flap goes to... Isaac Newton

(Science Show, ABC Australia, 19 December 2009 click on Transcript)


My Top 4 Bonkers things about the Universe



My Top 5 Popular Science Books



My Novels of the Decade

(Chosen for Blackwell Books)


Is science fiction dying?

(New Scientist, 12 November 2008)


Our world may be a giant hologram

(New Scientist, 15 January 2009)


Dark power: Grand designs for interstellar travel

(New Scientist, 25 November 2009)


Did a supermassive black hole give birth to our Galaxy?

(New Scientist, 6 January 2010)