When the NHS was created, just after the Second World War, the nation was going through the most austere of times. Despite this, we believed it was crucial to have a national health service based on three principles. That it..



This government's deeply undemocratic and unpopular NHS Act is abolishing the NHS as we know it. What we are now seeing is the wholesale sell-off of the NHS to private, profit-driven companies, many of which MPs have financial interests in. Contrary to the government's mis-information, the NHS is one of the fairest, most efficient and cost-effective healthcare systems in the world. By contrast, the US-style profit-driven system towards which we are moving is almost twice as expensive per capita, has lower life expectancy and higher infant mortality - and leaves some people with no care at all.


We are a group of medics and health workers who love our jobs and are passionate about caring for people. We are so angry and concerned about the survival of the NHS that we are launching a new political party - the National Health Action (NHA) - at Westminster on Thursday 15th November. The aim of the NHA party is simple - to save the NHS. We intend to put up candidates from all walks of life, including NHS patients and concerned citizens. We intend to target up to 50 seats at the next general election, including seat of the health secretary Jeremy Hunt's, who is on record as saying he wants the NHS abolished. We would be delighted if you support us for the battle ahead and consider joining as members.


The NHS is crucial to every man, woman and child in our country. Please come and join us at the launch of our new party at 9am on Thursday at Old Palace Yard in front of the Houses of Parliament. We would LOVE to see you. Find out more about us on